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Thursday, February 10, 2005


Liberals will now try to bury Adscam

Without any damning testimony coming out of either Jean Chretien or Paul Martin at the Gomery Inquiry, you can be sure the Liberal political machine will now put the squeeze play on the commission. One way or another, we are going to see a test of just how much the public cares about this investigation into the sponsorship affair. The Liberals will want to bet they can now set it aside as a political liability, being able to claim the whole show a dud because of the relatively unrevealing testimonies of the two biggest players to appear before the inquiry.

Given the fact that the most publicized component of the proceeding is now over, and no smoking gun has yet been found, Liberals will somehow try to drive a stake into the heart of the one thing that can still get them into a lot of trouble - despite the lack of fireworks. Chretien and Martin have testified. Many Liberals will now say it's over. The actual reality of the inquiry suggests otherwise.

Why some Liberals are so afraid of having this affair examined closely is beyond me. Well, not really. But you would think they would care about what happened to the money too. Many don't appear to be at all concerned - including Jean Chretien.

And to start us off, Warren Kinsella is leading the parade (bottom of one of the Feb. 10th posts).....

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