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Friday, May 06, 2005


Blood for seats?

Did Paul Martin just make a deal to send our troops in harms way in order to prop up his desperate government?

UPDATE (Sat. May 7, 7:02pm): Canada to send up to 150 troops to Sudan: report.

What should be raising a lot of eyebrows:

The Liberal minority government's renewed sense of urgency to deal with what the United Nations has called the world's worst humanitarian crisis may be connected to a looming confidence vote in parliament that could come as early as May 18.

Paul Martin's administration will need every single vote of support that it can garner from NDP or independent members of parliament to survive that scenario.

David Kilgour, who quit the Liberal caucus to sit as an independent MP recently, has said a tougher Canadian response to the Darfur crisis would be important in helping him make up his mind to support the government when it comes to such a vote.

So, we're sending our finest men and women into a hot spot halfway around the world because Paul Martin wants to pass his NDP approved budget? Is this really happening?

UPDATE (Mon. May 9, 6:53am): Chantal Hebert of the Toronto Star comes through again with a hard to beat assertion of logic. If David Kilgour was satisfied with the way the Liberals were handling the Sudan file it's likely he never would have left the government a few weeks back. As is, both sides seem to have experienced a change of heart. Our soldiers must be very happy about how this all went down. Is this really how we send our men and women into harms way? Where is the outrage?

UPDATE (7:52pm): Now Kilgour is suggesting Martin's offering up of our finest might not get his vote.

Let's see if I can get this straight. Prime Minister Paul Martin offered up our troops in order to save his political skin and it still didn't work? The lives of those men and women are being sacrificed for a deal that might not even get done? Is this what our soldiers are worth to our prime minister? A bargaining chip in a political ploy that didn't even pay off? I hate to repeat myself, but is this really happening?


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