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Monday, July 04, 2005


Well, he did it too, you know....

Ian Urquhart wrote an article in today's Toronto Star (which I can't find on their website yet) which tries to make the argument that former Ontario premier Mike Harris was a promise breaker too.

This is something you will hear quite regularly from Liberal defenders. It's also completely bogus.

Voters don't expect politicians to fulfill all their commitments. They do, however, expect them to fulfill most of them, especially the big ticket items. On that score, Mike Harris beats Dalton McGuinty in a first round knockout.

Don't let Ian Urquhart or Liberals tell you otherwise. Just like much of what you hear from them these days, it's not exactly the truth. But I guess I'm not supposed to say that. Lord forbid anyone asks the Liberals to account for their lying.

- Photo of McGuinty via

UPDATE (Thur. July 7, 5:00 pm): Stumbled upon the Urquhart piece in question, if anyone is interested: Harris did not keep all his promises either.

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