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Saturday, May 20, 2006


Dion's shameless op-ed piece

Stephane Dion
I'd love to write a terrific post on this topic, but I think what I've already stated on Cherniak's blog pretty much says it all. Liberal leadership hopeful Stephane Dion wrote an op-ed piece about Harper and the Afghanistan mission, which Cherniak posted on his blog. This is what I wrote over there in reply:

This is truly unbelievable. I had a lot of time for Dion's candidacy based on endorsements from people I respect in the punditry and the fact he's the only major candidate with the proper resume for the job.

However, this op-ed piece is an exercise in rank hypocrisy and shameless grandstanding.

Dion uses the excuse of some sincere reasons to oppose the procedure in order to outright vote NO for the mission he says he supports fully.

What utter and shameful nonsense! You voted NO, Mr. Dion. Stand behind that vote, instead of blaming Harper for your crass dive into leadership politics.

You're not fooling me. I sure as heck hope he's not fooling any other Canadians.

Furthermore, who is he kidding that he or any other Liberals who voted NO would have changed their minds if there was more debate? It certainly didn't take him much time to decide to vote NO, did it?

Stephane Dion: new type of Liberal my ass.

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