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Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Shrugging our shoulders to serious issues

A title of a recent book includes these 11 words: "Why Liberals -- and Only Liberals -- Can Win the War on Terror." After reading Adam Radwanski's blog post about the arrest of terrorist suspects in Southern Ontario, I seriously doubt liberals have a clue about how to win the war on terror.

No, Adam, we're not asking people to run for the hills. We're asking them to wake up. That doesn't mean citizens need to go out hunting for suspected terrorists. It does mean that, as a society, we should take seriously a threat that could destroy our way of life. Yet, to liberals like Radwanski, taking the threat seriously destroys our way of life. What nonsense.

Serious issues -- and our citizens getting blown up by other citizens -- need to be dealt with seriously. That some people would prefer a shrugging of the shoulders makes me hope that they're not in charge of protecting us. What Radwanski doesn't get is that by taking these matters seriously it's less likely that those who are in charge will simply shrug their shoulders. That's what we're supposed to do in Canada. We're supposed to make sure the authorities do what they're supposed to do. If we just shrug our shoulders, they'll just shrug their shoulders.

Maybe that's why liberals like Radwanski don't want to talk about it. Confronting the fact that liberalism isn't up to the job might be a hard thing for them to deal with. The rest of us should get on with the job of making sure Canada is a free and safe place.

Healthy democracies confront serious threats. They don't simply wish them away with a shrug of the shoulder.

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