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Sunday, October 08, 2006


Debunking a Kennedy camp myth

One of the things I started noticing as Super Weekend came to a close was the extent to which the Kennedy people were deluding themselves about their candidate's prospects. The Diebel article I referred to in a recent post described these people in almost cult-like terms.

Well, in that very same article came this about Kennedy's media strategy:

It's going to be an uphill battle. Patry, a Montreal MP [and chair of Kennedy's campaign in Quebec], said he purposely urged a low profile for Kennedy over the summer in Quebec. He didn't want to expose the candidate to interviews with the big newspapers — La Presse or Le Devoir — because his French wasn't good enough.

"They might have killed him," said Patry.
This is in direct contradiction to what the Kennedy people have been saying about the media since Super Weekend. Their claim has been that it's the media who's been ignoring Kennedy, not the other way around.

Look at Stephane Dion. Rough English and all, he's been very visible in the media outside of Quebec. If you want to talk to the media, no one is stopping you, Mr. Kennedy — except for your own campaign team, that is.

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