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Monday, October 23, 2006


Garth Turner should resign his seat

I'm starting to buy into the idea that Garth Turner should resign his seat now and let us Halton voters decide his fate in a by-election.

At first, I was willing to concede that, since it wasn't Turner's decision to leave the Conservative caucus, he wasn't responsible for sitting as an independent.

However, I have started to change my thinking on that.

Since it's the party's responsibility to determine who does and who doesn't sit as a Conservative, it's Garth Turner's responsibility to abide by what the party thinks makes for a member of caucus in good standing. Garth Turner clearly was unable to do meet those requirements. So, if Turner is to abide by same standards he set for David Emerson, a Liberal MP who crossed the floor to the Tories almost immediately after an election, I think he should let Halton voters decide if they want him to be an independent, Green, or whatever else.

I believe anything else would lend credence to those who think that Garth Turner has been in it for Garth Turner all along. Just ask what his former Conservative colleagues think about that.

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