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Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Iggy clueless on Qana: Now calls it a 'war crime'

It's a far cry from "not losing any sleep over it," wouldn't you say?

This guy is starting to turn into a real boob.

Ignatieff blogger Cerberus was recently applauding Iggy's decision to appear on the Quebec show where he made the remark, describing it as a brave move for a frontrunner to expose himself in such a tough venue.

I wonder what people like Cerberus have to say about it now. I haven't read his blog today. My guess? Like all the Iggy people do, he'll still champion it as an example of boldness and bravery, despite the fact that his man was too scared to appear in a debate yesterday to face all those who have a chance to beat him. Not a good day to be in the Iggy camp indeed.

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