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Tuesday, October 03, 2006


The Karl Rove M.O.

David Frum writes an interesting piece of analysis on Karl Rove's basic strategy as chief political advisor to President Bush. While the reactionary left has accused Rove of all kinds of plots — and even crimes — Frum points out that Rove has actually kept it pretty simple. I think Frum is absolutely right.

Anyone who watched the 2004 race closely, which was widely described as "the most important election in history," would know that Bush did very little to cast doubts about a John Kerry presidency. Instead, Bush and Rove kept stressing the same points over and over again, weathered attacks that came from the media and the Democrats, and relied on an energized base to simply out-vote the opponent's base. Many conservatives wondered when Bush was finally going to fight back. He never really did.

It was about out-muscling your opponent, not about out-tricking him. As Frum points out, until the Dems realize that, it may still be a while before they win another election. And it's the Dems and the left that resort to the "Octobers Surprises," not Bush. He doesn't need them. His opponents think they do.

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