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Sunday, October 08, 2006


PM says opponents can't touch him, so they make it up

UPDATE (10:31 am): By the way, I'm assuming that at some point the opposition Liberals will realize that a change in government has also meant a change in the dynamics of governing.

Too often I see this attitude among Liberals: If Harper could get away with carping when he was in opposition, so too can we.

Well, you see, if a government doesn't actually do anything, which was common with Liberal governments of the past, then the carping can be blamed on the government. When a government actually does things, which the Harper Conservatives have done, then the carping can be laughed off by the prime minister, as we've just witnessed.

(Just in passing, the attitude among Liberals when they were governing was that it was incumbent upon the opposition to be more substantive than the government itself. Now when they're in opposition, they're not abiding by that attitude any longer. Interesting.)

This is all assuming that the Liberals will start to realize the difference soon enough. Sometimes I wonder.

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