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Thursday, February 15, 2007


Yes, I'm throwing eggs at Dion again. Surprise.

Rex Murphy makes the argument that St├ęphane Dion would be better served by simply being himself as Liberal leader instead of following the orders of spinmeisters and image-makers.

While I agree that Dion has probably been too packaged coming out of the gate, I disagree that there's some underlying giant that's every bit as formidable a politician as Harper is. I'm not exactly sure where this image of Dion has come from, but it seems prevalent in some circles of the punditry. Simply put, I don't think there's as much there as Dion admirers pretend there is.

After all, this is a guy who became leader of the Liberal party by largely convincing himself and fellow members that he's some sort of champion of the environment. Ask yourself something: Would Harper have ever made such a gross error in judgement? Of course not.

From where I stand, I don't think St├ęphane Dion is much more than an academic who surprised people in ministerial portfolios that were dormant for much of the time he handled them. I suppose many members of the press find this history admirable. Yet it's hardly the stuff that prime ministers are made of, is it?

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