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Saturday, March 03, 2007


Dion's woes continue

A few thoughts on Stéphane Dion's trip to Nova Scotia:

- Yet another Liberal promise to tackle child poverty? Please.

- I'm not sure how far Liberals will get with the Harper-as-bully routine. Do Canadians really care if Harper gives Liberals a bloody nose? What do Canadians think of politicians constantly crying about having a bloody nose?

- I'm not sure whose idea it was to have Dion go on a "I'm not a one trick pony" tour. However, if a leader is going to tour the country, it'd be nice if he were actually briefed on the issues of concern to the locals at a particular stop. Clearly, that wasn't the case yesterday.

From the very moment Dion became leader, and blew his fist challenge by lashing out at those who pointed out his French citizenship, I had the sense that the man didn't fully appreciate what being a national leader actually meant. I still don't think he gets it.

I could be wrong, but I think Canadians prefer politicians that can 'take a punch' over whiners.


A good read on Dion's makeup/flaws. And not because I wrote on of the comments. The academic introspective (comment) is fascinating.


If Canadians like someone who can take a punch over a whiner, how come everyone is okay with Harper saying things about other people that are so untrue that if outside Parliament he could be sued for slander (like Tim Horton's is suing Bill Carroll for lesser comments), and yet that day when the briefest reference to Harper's weight was brought up the Tories cried foul like it was the end of the world?

I think the country's just turned into a place where everyone bashes everyone else in these weird underhanded, hurtful, and pretty immature ways on both sides of the problem, our PM is not a leader at all because he's fragmented this country in a way that no one ever has before, pitted side against side, and is himself pretty wimpy, really, can't take any criticism and has to control everything all the time. Not very trustworthy.


Well, "anonymous," I don't think Harper is being hurtful or divisive for the country, I think he's being hurtful and divisive for Liberals, which is why you're behaving like eight year-olds towards him.

I think Stephen Harper is a leader. I don't think Stephane Dion is — not yet. I think that's how most Canadians see it. I think that's what's driving you Liberals nuts.


Anonymous "he's fragmented this country in a way that no one ever has before, pitted side against side"

You've just described the Liberals winning strategies for the past what, 3 decades? Who was campaigning against Alberta last election? And the one before that?

Which Prime Minister is providing funding for green strategies on a per-capita basis? And why does that seem like such a radical concept (because it's been so long since the federal gov't seems to have taken that relatively commonsense approach)?

Get your head out of the sand.


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