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Thursday, March 08, 2007


Gaffe or method?

Maybe it's just me, but isn't this talk about the ramifications of separation just the kind of thing Quebecers don't want to hear? And, if that's so, then aren't the opposition parties playing right into Charest's hands?

I know that Charest's comments on the matter are being characterized as a gaffe. However, if the idea of a referendum is so distasteful to Quebecers, then why would they be thrilled with Boisclair and Dumont for acting as though we're in the middle of one right now?

If you want to avoid this kind of talk, don't you vote for Charest? I dunno.

I do not pretend to understand Quebec politics. It looks simple on the surface (to us Anglos) but, like everything else, there's a lot of interesting stuff displayed when you peel off the layers.

I'm just tuning out until the results of the election are announced.


Do not tune out. Get the vote out and help push the PQ into third place.Hopefully this will destroy the one note party and get Quebec moving again after a lost generation. What a waste, what a waste. Do not let the self serving S.O.Bs get close to power.


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