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Sunday, March 11, 2007


Tories are at it again on CTV's Question Period

Updated With Video Below

Another interesting appearance by a Conservative representative today on CTV's Question Period.

Last week, senior Tory cabinet minister Jim Prentice sounded like he was on the campaign trail with his appearance on the weekly political discussion show.

This week, it was Tory strategist Goldy Hyder who was doing his own version of a stump speech leading up to a possible spring election.

Specifically, Hyder made two points:

a) If there's going to be an election, it'll be because the opposition forces one.

So, I doubt we'll see the prime minister going to the governor general to ask for an election without being defeated on a vote of non-confidence. In other words — and contrary to much speculation — it doesn't appear that the prime minister will call an election on a whim.

b) Last week, Prentice was trying to draw a contrast between the leadership styles of Harper and Dion. This week, Hyder was talking about a legislative agenda that wasn't being passed because of opposition stalling.

Harper is showing us another card he might use to bring himself down in the coming weeks and months.

I don't know what it is about CTV and Question Period that Stephen Harper's people like so much, but they sure are using the venue as a dress rehearsal for possible election messaging.

Then again, it might just all be one great big bluff. Stay tuned.

UPDATE (9:18 pm): Here's video of the segment from Question Period. Try not to let Gerard Kennedy's continuous attempts to talk over others distract you. It seems to be part of the Liberal method of operation, especially lately.

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