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Sunday, April 29, 2007


The left is undermining our mission in Afghanistan

Liberal leader Stephan Dion has led the charge to scandalize abuse allegations and end the mission in Afghanistan (Photo by CP/Andrew Vaughan)
I read this headline that states: "Canada's military theatrics are appalling." Quite frankly, what I find appalling, even disgraceful, is using the allegations of abuse against Taliban prisoners to undermine the mission in Afghanistan. That's exactly what's going on here, and don't let anybody tell you otherwise.

I've been wanting to say this for a while now, but I guess my blood was boiling at too high a temperature to get any sensible words out on the matter. I've cooled down a bit, so maybe I can scribble a few words before overheating again.

The usual suspects, mostly from the left, are trying to make Afghanistan into Iraq. Never mind that this mission is sanctioned by the UN. Never mind that it has broad international support. Never mind that it's being conducted by a multilateral military organization. Never mind that we're trying to prevent another 9/11 out of all of this. Never mind the commitment we have made to the people of Afghanistan to create a free and working democracy in their land.

The left and the media are trying to use mere allegations of abuse and torture to make Afghanistan into Iraq and get us the hell out of there. They are trying to manufacture a human rights scandal so as to undermine everything we have done in Afghanistan thus far simply because they never want to fight or go to war over anything.

All their bluster after 9/11 was a sham. They were waiting to bail out on the people of Afghanistan. They are using this hyped up abuse scandal to try and do just that.

That's what I find appalling — not anything our imperfect military or government has done to defend the honor of the mission and our troops.

The usual suspects want to cut and run, and they're using stories about Taliban prisoners to do it. If that's not appalling, then sorry, I don't know what the heck is.

The killer question is will the Canadian electorate respond favourably to the Liberals and NDP claims of torture of Taliban prisoners ... opps I mean the "Afghani detainees" according to the MSM?

The MSM propaganda is pouring out without restaint now and they are ALL screaming that Canada is now internationally discredited on "human rights", and that the treatment of the poor detainees is a disgrace to Canada's reputation.

Is the Liberal MSM propaganda mill now performing up to speed to turn Canadians against the Conservative government and the Canadian military?

Are we witnessing the beginning of a media "civil war" declared against the Harper Conservative government?


Well, I'll put it this way: I think Harper has way more moral ammunition when it comes to Afghanistan than Bush did with Iraq, and Bush won re-election anyhow. So....


Look on the bright side. The left have given up on the "we are beaten, the cost is too high", "Afghan people don't like us", and "we are not doing enough development work" attacks - things must be going well with the mission. Now they are down to the "perhaps as many as 40 Taliban have not been treated as well as they would have been had they been arrested in Canada" attack. As long as the government keeps its nerve, this attack can be beaten off, and the more the lefties whine about treatment of Taliban, the more credibility that "Liberals like the Taliban better than the troops" attacks will have.


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