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Saturday, April 14, 2007


Maybe the method in Dion's madness is....

I wrote a comment over at Angry's blog and, actually, I thought I made a pretty good point. So I'll repeat it here.

Basically, if you believe my previous post on this blog, and assume that the Tories and NDP are close to a deal on the environment, then what Dion did this week was about survival — not political calculation.

Think about it. If Harper and Layton hammer out a deal on the Clean Air Act, and Dion didn't reach an understanding with May, then he would have been dead in the water. Instead, with May by his side, he can at least argue with some credibility that a revised Clean Air Act is still not good enough for the country.

Indeed, the more I think about it, the more I think it makes sense. Or maybe I'm just baked. We'll see.

So come the next election and the Clean Air Act has been put to bed, Canadians will have a choice between Conservative, NDP and Liberal-Green.

Cons and Dippers will be touting the Clean Air Act while the Liberal-Green coalition will be attacking it as inadequate.

Of course Canadians will not vote Green because that would be a wasted vote, and that would mean that the Liberals will clean up on the Green vote because Lizzie May wants Dion to be the next prime minister.

Indirectly, Dion has captured the NDP "green" vote that has shifted to the Greens from the NDP, and now he will attempt to further split the NDP vote by winning over the "Stop Harper" strategic vote.

Has Dion pulled of a bloodless coup against the NDP by hijacking the NDP 'green' vote plus the strategic voting Dipper neoDeviates?


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