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Monday, May 21, 2007


Rudy Giuliani

Even before Giuliani decided to run for president, I felt that his greatest qualification for the big job was his ability to articulate a strong argument against the Democrats regarding the war on terror — and other issues. Watching these clips today only reminded me of that fact.

Contrary to public perception, Bush has handled the Democrats with kid gloves when it comes to Iraq and other issues. It looks like Giuliani won't. If I was a Democrat, I'd be worried about that. I'd be worried about that a lot, in fact.

Giuliani can afford to be a critic of Bush on Iraq while still advocating a strong effort against terrorism. Democrats can do the former. They have much more difficulty with the latter. That provides a lot of opportunity for Giuliani as a presidential nominee, if you ask me.

UPDATE (4:39 pm): By the way, I think Giuliani would rival Bill Clinton in terms of being a deft political communicator in the Oval Office. Both men are capable of slicing up their opponents with precise and pinpoint attacks. Bush's inability in this regard has been a tremendous disadvantage for him.

As far as I'm concerned, it's one trait the Republicans can use from a presidential candidate at this point. Ironically, I think Giuliani can sell Bush's war on terror better than Bush can.

As for some of Giuliani's baggage with social conservatives, he seems to be handling some of those issues pretty deftly. Deftly enough? We'll see.

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