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Sunday, July 08, 2007


Some serious trouble in liberal Canada

This story by the usually Conservative-bashing CP ought to be of great concern to Dion Liberals.


Well, not only does the article potentially expose some of the environmental movement as deceptive partisans, but it does so on the insistence of some Liberal insiders.

In other words, some Liberals are stabbing their leader, Stephane Dion, in the back. They're also spilling the beans on some of his prominent backers within the environmental movement.

In my estimation, this story has the potential to divide Liberals further, erode the credibility of the environmental movement, and do some serious harm to this country's leftist movement in general.

I mean, you have two environmentalists who basically lie about their association with the Liberal Party of Canada. They're also exposed by Liberals who don't seem too eager to cover their leader's back.

If this isn't something Team Dion ought to be worrying about right now, I really don't know what is. And the band played on.

Not only that, but some of this stuff doesn't look good on Canadian liberalism as a whole. Environmentalists abandoning the truth for ideological and partisan reasons? Heck, if this was a story about Christians and the right, you'd know it would make front page on the Globe and Mail in tomorrow's edition. As is, I wouldn't hold my breath.

So who do you think is masterminding the internal opposition to Dion?

Could it be the Ignatieff Liberals who we know are just waiting for Dion to crash? Of course a little push could help Dion's downfall.

Did you notice that some Liberals still have the website still up and running? It's obvious that certain Liberals still fear Ignatieff.


Dennis, this in not news, anyone who follows this at all knows that the environmental groups for the most part were bought and paid for long ago with taxpayer funds by the former Liberal Govt. I understand their hatred of the new govt, heck you would be pissed to if someone shut off your funding.


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