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Saturday, September 22, 2007


Canada's silly political landscape

Can anyone think of a country where opposition parties try to blame each other for the ongoing survival of the government?

Mind you, all these parties have claimed all along that they've wanted Parliament to work. Now they're apparently mad that it has worked for almost two years now.

I suppose there's a constituency somewhere out there that has always wanted to see Harper turfed at the earliest possible opportunity. And that's who these parties are targeting with all this anti-government chest-thumping. I can't possibly believe that the average voter is in any interested in any of this.

And the ironic part is that, instead of providing effective opposition to the government of the day, this nonsense merely serves to strengthen Harper's position with the electorate.

When Harper first came to power, the Parliament over which he was about to preside was described as one of the tightest minorities in Canadian history. Well, almost two years later, Harper is having his way with an opposition that isn't even close to providing a governing alternative to Canadians.

Instead, they'd prefer to enter a penis measuring contest for their ideological supporters. Again, is there another country where something like this occurs?

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