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Sunday, October 21, 2007


The Second Thots Susan Delacourt Watch

I've decided to try a new ongoing item for this blog.

Basically, I've had enough of Susan Delacourt acting as nothing but a mouthpiece for the Liberal Party of Canada.

So, the Second Thots Susan Delacourt Watch will keep an eye on her and her partisan activities, while challenging anyone to tell me how she isn't a de facto campaign contributor to the Toronto Star's favourite political party.

The Watch begins.

Your blog is now on my favorites list.

We should all be very careful to expose partisan, dishonet reporting!


Add the entire CBC to that list of Liberal stooges in the MSM.

What will these MSM Liberal stooges do for 4 years once we have a majority Harper government?

Retire into obscurity perhaps?


This reporter has also bashed the LPC in the past, so your argument is completely stupid.


Certainly not lately. Even Dion's troubles are wrapped in the most sympathetic description possible. "Dion engaged in learning process." Or "Unnamed Liberal sources suggest" Followed up by "Women still opposed to Harper" or some such narrative. It drives me nuts, obviously.


Watch your language or else she could lauch a lawsuit for defamation against you.

Liberals are very litigatious and will go to the extreme to cover up their skullduggery.


"the Second Thots Susan Delacourt Watch will keep an eye on her and her partisan activities, while challenging anyone to tell me how she isn't a de facto campaign contributor to the Toronto Star's favourite political party."

Ah, guilty unless proven otherwise. How very Stalinist of you.

Miss the Western Standard yet?


As a Liberal I welcome this blog. I don't need any journalist to spin my party into something better than it is or to spin opposing parties into something worse than they are. Haven't we all been spun to death?

I will thoughtfully consider the words of Ms. Delacourt and what is said here.

So far the score is Delacourt 0/secondthots 1. The lawsuit threat was ridiculous...but interesting.


Ever read John Ivison from the National Post? or, L. Ian MacDonald from the Montreal Gazette?

Here is what the HillTimes wrote about these two "JOURNALISTS" in it's October 15th, 2007 article titled, The Top 100 Most Influential People In Government and Politics In Ottawa:

John Ivison:
Mr. Ivison is seen as well-connected with the Conservative government. His column can be a place where scoops are picked up and ideas floated. Because of his contacts, Mr. Ivison's column is seen as being carefully read by those in government and anyone seeking inside information.

L. Ian MacDonald:
Mr. MacDonald is seen to have very good contacts with the Conservative government in Ottawa. His column often carries leaked or inside information, and as a result, is read carefully around town, inside and out of government.

I agree with you Susan Delacourt has an overly Liberal bias... Everyone knows that. Conservatives have just as many "friends" in the media. Like the two I have just pointed out.

Read any Lorrie Goldstein editorials for the Toronto Sun lately?



Last time I checked, Delacourt is not an opinion columnist.

And if what you say is true, why did she threaten to sue me?

I definitely agree that L. Ian Macdonald is a voice for Conservative insiders. But at least there appears to be some independence there.

In my view, all Delacourt does is give blatant Liberals talking points regardless of what the surrounding narrative is.

When Garth Turner hypocritically crosses the floor, she defends him. When Stephane Dion is in over his head, she calls it a learning experience.

It's enough to make me puke, man.

Just a few days ago she wrote a piece about Dion's "strength" in the GTA. Boy, I'm sure the Dion backroom boys loved that one.

I would have added it to my watch, but I've been too busy lately. But I'm still watching. I'm still watching.


The whole Toronto Star is a place of employment for hacks who can't cut anywhere else (except for Chantal H├ębert).


I checked out the name of one of her expert women business 'sources' - a leftist Kyoto supporter who quotes from the Moscow Times and uses the 'Neo con' label to disparage PM Harper.

This is whom the Star considers a representative source? Yes comrade!


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