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Tuesday, June 17, 2008



Just thought I'd return for another blog post. Obama is the topic once again.

Two thoughts.

First, although this is a year that should be ripe for a Democratic presidential hopeful, Obama is perhaps making one crucial and fundamental tactical mistake. Specifically, he might be guilty of setting expectations too high for himself.

It's been my observation that most successful politicians set the bar low and surprise people with how well they end up doing.

Obama is doing the opposite. He has mesmerized people with lofty rhetoric short on specifics. And it's those specifics that may be his downfall.

Second, as much as Obama is a very gifted giver of speeches, I suggest that you take a closer look at him when he's providing comments extemporaneously. There are all kinds of clips on You Tube and elsewhere that make Bush look sometimes eloquent in comparison.

This isn't to say that Obama isn't an articulate guy. He's certainly more articulate than Bush. However, his staple thus far has been scripted and unchallenged rhetoric. When people press him to explain himself without notes, he doesn't look so good anymore. It might be one reason why McCain has been asking for a continuing series of town hall debates with Obama. Maybe he sees what I see. Who knows?

UPDATE (8:22 pm): And, perhaps right on cue, ABC's Jake Tapper asks why Obama isn't further ahead in the polls at this stage?

UPDATE (8:28 pm): Geez, and another one almost right on cue.

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