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Wednesday, September 09, 2009


We Can Do Better vs. Just Visiting

So, which image of Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff will remain in the minds of Canadian voters?

Behind Door #1 is what Liberals want you to see:

Behind Door #2 is what Conservatives want you to see again, since they've re-released the ads on TV in direct response to the Liberal ad above:

A couple of things.

First, negative ads usually work. They tend to leave a more lasting impression than positive ads.

Second, the Liberals seem to have fallen into the trap that the Conservatives have set, which is to keep the focus on Ignatieff and his motivations for being here and forcing another snap election.

The Liberals want Ignatieff front-and-centre right now, and the Conservatives have obliged in force — again.

UPDATE (7:01 pm): I just watched the ads again, and I don't think there's any doubt that the Conservative ad leaves a more lasting impression — on just about every front: message, visuals, specifics, style, and so on. It's basically a catchier ad, and probably one that still drives Harper critics furious.

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Think big .. think global .. that's the Liberal strategy for Ignatieff ... because he really doesn't have anything else to offer Canadians.

Iggy just doesn't have the credibility nor the credentials to take Canada 'global' as our PM. Liberals are obviously desperate to provide Iggy with an issue to precipitate a Fall election.




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