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Thursday, October 29, 2009


Watching the ball bounce

What I find fascinating is seeing how the hiring of former Chretien communications guru Peter Donolo as Liberal Michael Ignatieff's new chief of staff is being hailed as some kind of turning point for the party and its leader.

In other words, it's the same old, same old for the Liberal party.

For some reason, Liberals are now judged not by the merit of long-term performance, but by the superficiality of short-term decisions. Very predictably, members of the party and the media get excited over, well, things like hiring staff members rather than any enduring success they have yet to achieve.

From wearing green scarves at leadership conventions, to telling the prime minister that his "time is up," it's amazing just how excited Liberals can get over things that really don't amount to anything.

It's like watching a dog get excited over a ball that its owner is about to bounce. You'd think that a feast of canned food and water was on its way but, alas, it's just a bouncing ball.

Hey, Dennis ... whazzup???

Bourque has apparently shut down voyforum for good now ... or maybe for public viewing if you aren't registered ... wonder how Nola is coping with the deep black hole that has left in her life ....LOL


Yeah, I know!

Heck, I leave the site, and a few weeks later it stops existing! Now that's power! lol

Don't know what happened, and I'm sure it won't be missed - except by the troll.


Bugs occasionally posts on MapleLeaf website, but isn't that active.

I love to torture the Libs on the G & M fora as "Observant" ... although that's becoming somewhat tedious because it's flooded with juvenile one-liner blurters and their twitter brainlets .... God, what's the world coming to when people can't compose cogent paragraphs of thought ... just twittering about themselves and their feeeeeelings ... {{{shudder}}}


lol, well, I noticed that was you on the Maclean's and Steve Janke blogs, too.

I posted on Maple Leaf years ago, but it's not very busy. Was at Free Dominion for a while, but it's a bit of a one-dimensional crowd.


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