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Friday, May 28, 2010


Do as I say, not as I...

When the president of Mexico started lecturing us about our environmental policy, something didn't quite jibe. Here here was telling us that we need to get our act together, so you'd think that he and his country would have their own act together when it comes to the environment, right? Yet, I didn't hear proof of that coming from his lips, nor did the media reports I came across mention Mexico's own record on the environment, or its motivation for wanting to lecture us. So, I guess that's why people like Ezra Levant are on the job, so to speak:

So why does he want Kyoto implemented?

Well, for the same reason that China does: because Kyoto has a built-in fudge factor for the developed countries listed in that Annex B that I mentioned above. If developed countries can't meet their Kyoto targets (and none can), Kyoto comes with a built-in loophole: those countries can either buy carbon "credits" from countries like Mexico, or can get credit by spending foreign aid money in countries like Mexico, on make-work green projects.

Calderon doesn't actually give a damn about the environment -- you can see that just by looking at his home town. What Calderon cares about very, very much, is getting countries like Canada to give him free money.

I just knew something didn't add up. I knew that all that finger-pointing had to have "double standard" written all over it, just like it did when the same Mexican leader stood in front of US Congress recently and lectured them on their immigration laws despite his own mess.

I know that politicians are supposed to be brazen, but really.

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