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Saturday, June 12, 2004


The media and social issues in Canada

This is a terrific piece written by Michael Coren of the Toronto Sun (I guess you can tell what I've been reading this morning). I think it nicely touches upon how media positions on social issues affect the direction of political debate in this country, particularly now in the middle of our first competitive election in years.

Andrew Coyne has made very similar arguments on the same topic. I also think Hugh Winsor of the Globe and Mail recently voiced opinions supporting the same kind of thesis on the media during this election. (Yes, here it is)

Although I try to refrain from quick attacks of the media, I also tend to get frustrated with how they can operate - especially when many within the field make assumptions on - or even consciously advocate for - social positions at the expense of political parties that they feel threaten their preferred alternatives.

As the three above-mentioned columnists demonstrate, I'm not the only person who thinks this way. (Coren is not a partisan, but is a social conservative. Coyne tends to lean conservative - more than the rest of the media. I don't think you can accuse Winsor of being anything close to a Canadian Alliance style right-winger. All three basically avoid straight partisanship or ideological constraints in their analysis. So I don't think this specific criticism of the media is one created out of personal slight or narrow ideology. In fact, that is what is being alleged against the media in this instance, isn't it?)

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