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Sunday, September 26, 2004


Salivating over the thought of an American defeat

Scrolling down articles listed on Google News, I came upon this lead describing the Iraq war:

With a month and a half to go Kerry has belatedly come out swinging at Bush, especially over the disastrous war in Iraq.
The first word I wanted to use to characterize the sentiment expressed in that sentence is defeatism. People take a look at what's going on in that country and are persuaded that things are so bad that it can only get worse, not better. Which is a fair if not hopeful outlook on the chances of democracy for the Iraqi people.

Yet I don't think writers like Matthew Kopka are being defeatist about Iraq. I think their view of America and it's influence on international events is such that they are in fact trying to contribute to American defeat in the war in Iraq.

His article was published in The Jamaica Gleaner. I don't know who he is. I don't know exactly what political philosophy he represents. What I do know is that he wants America to lose. Which is a far cry from thinking that America might lose.

How else can you describe someone who, being the brilliant expert on world events that he is, has decided on his own that the war in Iraq is a disaster? He is already trying to create the impression that the American effort in the country is a foregone conclusion. And that conclusion, surprisingly, has America on the wrong end of world history once again. Can you imagine that? It doesn't matter any more what happens on the ground. It doesn't matter what happens from now until the rest of time. It doesn't matter what anybody does to try and make Iraq a better place. It's a disaster, says Matthew Kopka. So, let's leave it at that and make sure we remind everyone what a terrible influence on the world America is.

What? The provisional government is still in place and recognized around the world? American soldiers are still there fighting for democracy? Iraqi forces are fighting beside them and are being trained on a daily basis? Every deadline towards democray has been met despite all doubts to the contrary? Trouble-spots such as Najaf have been pacified and are under the control of the Iraqi government? The despotic certainty of Saddam Hussein has been replaced by the opportunity for Iraqis to finally decide their own fate? An insane leader of a rogue state in defiance of international disarmament requirements now sits tucked away behind prison bars?

To the Matthew Kopkas of the world, none of this matters a lick. You see, it's over. It's a disaster. America got what it deserved. To heck with what happens in Iraq right now. For that matter, to heck with what happened in Iraq before. America lost. And they're going to do whatever they can to make sure people see it that way - regardless of any uncertainty resulting from what some might call real world events. None of that matters anymore.

The war is over. America sucks. Isn't that wonderful? Thank you Mr. Kopka for telling it like it is. What would we do without you?

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