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Tuesday, September 28, 2004


Why elections in Iraq are so important

In one of the finer pieces I have read in a while, New York Times columnist David Brooks has to remind everyone that democracy is good for people - all people. In their eagerness to dismiss anything Bush does or tries, the critics sometimes forget what good is, and what sometimes needs to be done in order to get it.

If Bush wins in Iraq, democracy wins. If Bush loses in Iraq, his opponents win. I think more of these Bush bashers should read Mr. Brooks' column today. Then again, most of them wouldn't get it anyway. They may never be convinced. They can only be silenced by the success of democracy in Iraq - as silly a dream as that may seem to many of them. The cause of the war is a mystery to some. Perhaps even a cause for cynicism. The hope for freedom shouldn't be. As rough as it has been, the chance for democracy has to be better than the alternatives facing the Iraqi people.

The critics may also want to take a look at Christopher Hitchen's heated warning to the Democratic Party which, as I have suggested, and as Rush Limbaugh has been preaching for years now, exposes some of them as cheerleaders of bad news for America - as long as Bush is their president. Wooo hooooo.

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