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Saturday, October 09, 2004


Bush bounced back in tonight's debate

What a difference a week makes.

Where Kerry's performance was much like the one he gave in the first debate - confident, articulate, energetic, and serious - Bush looked like a completely different person from the tired, repetitious, clumsy, and overwhelmed man many saw last Thursday night.

Again, the voters will decide this in the upcoming days, when general sentiment gels around the perception of the performances. My guess is that Bush will have helped himself with how he carried himself tonight. Even though Kerry rose to the challenge, much as he did the first time around, Bush rose even higher, given the low expectations he set for himself after his first mediocre performance.

It's yet to be determined how this affects their standing in the polls. If there was an established turnaround in favour of Kerry before this debate tonight, I think Bush was able to halt that momentum with a surprisingly upbeat defense of himself, his record, and his agenda for America.

Can't wait for Round 3!

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