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Friday, October 01, 2004


"Global Test"

I plan on giving my analysis of the debates shortly. In the hope that this doesn't sound like I'm putting my finger in the wind to see what everyone else is thinking, I generally wait to come down from these events to sort out my thoughts. I'm still excited. Doesn't make for good writing.

Having stated that, something I missed, but others didn't, are two words John Kerry hopes don't become the story of this debate: "global test".

In talking about preemptive strikes, he seemed to suggest that a "global test" needed to be passed before going to war.

George Bush quickly pounced on this statement and made it clear that a president should go to war based on the safety and security of the American people - nothing else.

We'll see if the words, "global test" are something John Kerry wishes he didn't utter. It's also not a good sign when the most memorable moment of a debate might come down to a questionable phrase you used in describing an important issue in the campaign.

Furthermore, if it does, Kerry having to explain himself will only further reinforce the image out there that he's an indecisive flip-flopper expert at sending mixed messages to the world.

The post-debate period is always fun. This time around doesn't seem any different.

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