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Saturday, October 09, 2004


Hey, did you hear? Bush's jobs record worst since Hoover! Wow!

A common line of attack from the left is that Bush's record of job creation is the worst since Herbert Hoover. Can you imagine that? The father of the Depression and George Bush mentioned in the same breath. Wow! That's gotta be bad for George Bush, don't it?

As cute as the line is, and as much as critics on the left keep repeating it like parrots awaiting their next cracker, it's not quite the genuine line of attack they have made it out to be for the many months they have been uttering it.

Let's take a very brief look at the reality.

Unemployment is still at record lows in America. Bush in fact inherited unprecedented levels of employment from Bill Clinton. He also inherited a recession from Bill Clinton, which meant that sustaining those same levels of employment would have been next to impossible. Then came 9/11, Enron, the near collapse of the airline industry, Afghanistan, Iraq, and so on, which placed even greater stresses on a balloon well on it's way to some deflating.

In many ways, it's quite an achievement that the American economy didn't simply fall flat on it's face after soaring in a dream world for a period of time.

As was predicted by some on the right, the Democrats and their accomplices have reverted back to pre-9/11 mode. They act as though it never happened. They act as though the first attack on the American mainland was as significant event as a stain found on a blue dress. They also act as thought the Clinton bubble should have lasted forever. They also act as though Clinton left everything the way it should have been, making it easy for any successor to ride the wave until time eternity.

But let's have a bit of perspective here. Unemployment is still low. It was unbelievably low before Bush came aboard. He was left a recession. It's been amazing things haven't gotten worse.

But it's like Hoover, damn it! So it's gotta be Armageddon Part II, says the left.

yes, I heard it. I knew before the annoucement, shorted USD/JPY, made a killing!


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