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Thursday, March 10, 2005


Who was in charge of billing? "Jean Lafleur."

Jean Lafleur, head of one of the advertising companies at the heart of the sponsorship scandal, spent days telling the Gomery inquiry how he couldn't remember details about the jobs he had done for the government. He even had difficulty explaining the amounts that were ultimately billed for work done under the sponsorship program.

Then comes along this testimony at the inquiry provided by Eric Lafleur, Jean's son and employee at the ad firm:

When asked who was in charge of billing matters at Lafleur Communication, Eric replied: "Jean Lafleur."

So, the guy who was in charge of billing matters, who was responsible for who got charged what, who was handling millions of dollars of government sponsorship funds, just finished telling us for days that he couldn't remember how much money went where and when. Lovely.

No wonder Eric got sick before having to testify.

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