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Monday, April 11, 2005


The CBC carries on with the gay marriage agenda

Saturday we had Bourque protesting the very idea of someone campaigning against gay marriage. Sunday it was the CBC's turn to thump the issue without reason or facts.

In a poll they released Sunday this surprising characterization of their findings was made: "Canadians deeply split on same-sex marriage, poll suggests." Why is this characterization surprising? Let's take a look at the numbers.

Those against the Liberal plan to change the definition of marriage: 52%.

Those for: 44%.

They consider the 44% in favour to be "nearly as many people" as the 52% that are against.

Let's be clear about this. On almost any question presented to participants in a poll, including one at the ballot box on election day, an 8% margin between two options is considered a landslide. Bar none.

In other words, to anyone other than the CBC, or anyone else thumping the issue of gay marriage, a poll which suggests Canadians are against gay marriage by a margin of 52% to 44% means Canadians are against gay marriage. If a prime minister is elected with those kinds of numbers it's considered a romp.

The very fact the CBC would try to portray a margin much closer than the numbers actually reveal suggests the people in favour of gay marriage are desperate to paint a picture of its support which is not justified by the views of Canadians.

The article then goes on to suggest rallies both for and against gay marriage are being staged across the country, further revealing this 'split' which supposedly exists among Canadians on the issue of marriage. Really?

As far as I'm aware, one very large rally for traditional marriage was staged in Ottawa over the weekend. Thousands of people showed up. Stephen Harper showed up. Much smaller demonstrations for gay marriage were managed in various parts of the country. 60 people happened to attend the one in Calgary. Paul Martin was nowhere to be seen in any of them.

The usual suspects are working overtime to tell us that Canadians support gay marriage in larger numbers than they actually do. They bend over backwards to avoid voters on the issue, preferring to sneak it in through the courts and/or rushed legislation. They then play around with polling numbers to help support their cause. Every time this issue has been taken to the people, even in liberal-minded 'blue' states south of the border, the people have overwhelmingly supported traditional marriage.

So don't believe the gay marriage people on this one. It's not popular. They know it's not popular. For whatever reason they will make every effort to convince you otherwise.

UPDATE(Wed. April 13, 1:37am): Just to confirm my point about the desperation of the gay marriage people, ran this headline Tuesday on their website: Parliament rejects Harper's bigotry. Got that? We Canadians who want to preserve the common sense and tradition based institution of marriage are bigots.

Some of these gay marriage advocates are so hateful yet they're telling us they're on the side of equality and rights. Since when are equality and rights about demonizing those who disagree with you as a matter of conscience? Gay marriage has become one big witch hunt. Joe McCarthy would be proud.


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