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Friday, April 15, 2005


The fog of testimony?

Two different reports from the Gomery inquiry have been published about how Chretien friend Jacques Corriveau learned of the sponsorship program in the first place.

A Canadian Press article from has Corriveau learning about the program from ad executive Jean Brault and top civil servant Chuck Guite.

A report from CTV has Corriveau learning about the program as a matter of general knowledge in his 'environment' and he couldn't specifically remember how he learned of it.

Is this a reporting error? Or is it a direct contradiction in the story of how Corriveau learned of the program?

For the record, Corriveau says he specifically did not learn about it from his friend Jean Chretien. He doesn't seem to have any memory problems there. He has said poor memory from medication is sometimes responsible for his difficulty in recalling details. (edited for clarification at 5pm)

UPDATE (Sun. April 17, 6:43pm): Well, the Gomery transcripts aren't much help to me since they're in French. A Toronto Star article (I read the hard copy. I'll see if I can find a link) seemed to back up the "I don't know where I heard it from" version. So it's puzzling to me that media reports had him learning of the program from Brault and Guite. How did he learn of Brault and Guite? The fog continues unless, of course, I can learn some French in the next few days. Au revoir.


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