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Monday, April 11, 2005


New poll has Harper soaring, Liberals in freefall

An EKOS poll done for the Toronto Star asked respondents across the country which party they would vote for if an election were held now. The results:

Conservatives: 36%

Liberals: 25%

NDP: 21%

Bloc: 13%

Green Party:5%

In other words, if this poll is accurate, Liberal support is plummeting as a result of the Brault testimony at the Gomery inquiry and , as a consequence, Stephen Harper is seriously being considered for Prime Minister. A fundamental change in the political landscape of this country is under way. No one could have predicted this would happen a mere 18 months ago. Paul Martin was supposed to have swept the country. The Conservatives were barely a party back then. Boy, do times change, don't they?

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