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Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Confidence in motion

There is to be a vote later today in the House of Commons which the opposition will interpret as a matter of confidence in the government. Liberal House Leader Tony Valeri has already said the government will not accept it as such. This raises some questions I think are in need of some answers:

a) If this vote is no big deal, why did the Liberals try to rule it out of order so that it doesn't even come to a vote?

b) Why will they most likely try to get every man, woman, and child into their seats this evening in order to show up for a vote they say doesn't matter anyway?

c) Why is their $4.6 billion budget partner, the NDP, siding with the other opposition parties in believing this vote to be one of confidence in the government?

d) If the Liberals somehow manage to win the vote tonight why will they most likely interpret it as an indication Parliament must move ahead in doing its work? If it's no big deal, then no grand conclusions should be drawn from it, right? As the expression goes, not bloody likely.

Just some food for thought as we witness the ongoing spectacle of a government running away from its own Parliament.

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