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Thursday, May 12, 2005


Did Chuck Cadman just give us a hint?

Independent MP Chuck Cadman made an appearance on Canada AM this morning. While discussing the views of his constituents on Gomery and scandal he said something very interesting which may give us a glimpse of where he might be going with his vote on any matter of confidence in the Liberal government.

He first said the people in his riding who wanted to wait for an election did so because they wanted to wait for the final report by Gomery. However, he quickly corrected himself and said they wanted to wait until all the evidence was in before making up their minds for an election.

Did you notice the difference? And can you figure out the significance?

Waiting for the Gomery report means waiting until the winter for an election. Waiting for the evidence means waiting for the witnesses to testify before having an election. That means late this spring.

And Cadman made sure he corrected himself here.

Did he just unwittingly tell us which way he's leaning leading up to his participation in any upcoming vote of confidence?

Furthermore, did he also reveal one of the key talking points the Conservatives intend to use as part of their strategy for a spring election?

Very interesting, wouldn't you say? Or perhaps the product of an overly imaginative and bored blogger. We'll see.

Or, you can see for yourself. Go to this page and click on the video link on the right side of the page titled, "Canada AM: Chuck Cadman, Independent MP 4:24". Go to about the 11:50 mark of the video.

UPDATE(8:38pm): Well, the video is no longer available using the link provided above. Maybe it's a conspiracy. Just kidding. Hope you got a good look at it. In my view, what it reveals is unmistakable. We'll only know for sure once he votes. Right? (wink, wink, nudge, nudge....)


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