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Sunday, May 22, 2005


Folks, it ain't over till it's over.....

Many observers believed the testimony of ad executive Jean Brault set off a perfect storm by which Harper and the Conservatives could topple the government. The vote of confidence in favour of the government last Thursday had many of those same observers reversing course. The government now seems safe until at least the fall. Or is it?

Here is my list of elements which together constitute the rise of yet another perfect storm for the Conservatives - soon:

- In case anybody didn't notice, Chuck Cadman is still sending funny signals about his votes on matters of confidence. Right after Thursday's vote he said he was uncommitted on any future vote. He also seemed to suggest Liberals could be held to account on corruption much sooner than the releasing of the Gomery report, something he hinted at in an earlier interview. This is peculiar for someone who keeps telling us his constituents don't want a vote until much later in the year. Not only has he signalled a possible 'out' of his current stance, he's using some pretty good talking points while he's at it. Not bad for an 'independent'.

- The independent forensic auditors are set to testify at Gomery this week about their findings in relation to where all the money went in the sponsorship program. Every indication is that it will be the most damaging testimony yet against the Liberal Party of Canada. Shady ad execs and Liberal party officials may be hard to believe. Independent auditors aren't.

- The Conservatives' first opposition day will be May 31. They will have an opportunity to table a vote of non-confidence on that date.

- The Liberals will not have their ranks of MPs replenished until June 6 at the earliest. That's when the expected Liberal winner of the May 24 by-election in Labrador can be sworn in and able to vote in the House.

Hey, I provide the facts. You draw the conclusions.


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