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Tuesday, May 10, 2005


When is a win a win?

Something the Conservatives might want to take note of in the wake of the vote today which may or may not be one of non-confidence in the government.

The vote came out 153-150 against the government. However, two Liberals were missing, as well as an independent who has signalled he might vote on the side of the government. That means in any upcoming vote, which may unequivocally constitute a matter of confidence in the House, the Liberals will have enough to force a tie, which means they will have enough to avoid an actual vote of non-confidence. Furthermore, one more Liberal MP is expected to join them on May 24 as a result of a bi-election.

So, to sum things up, the Liberals look like they could have enough votes in the House to avoid defeat at the hands of the opposition. Today's win for Harper and co. may not have been as much of a victory as might seem at first glance. As per usual, only time will tell what will happen for certain.

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