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Saturday, May 21, 2005


Why do those people keep calling themselves moderate?

Conservatives need to stop using the term 'moderate' to describe what they're aspiring to be. It suggests they have people in their party of a character not suited for public office. You can't make extremism go away from a person. It's also hardly a way to describe some within your own party whose only sin seems to be political views which differ from yours.

Other terms which do the same thing without casting doubt on the character of the party or the individuals within it are: diverse, open, big-tent, broad-based, national in scope, etc, etc, etc.

I mean, who wants to vote for someone who keeps saying they're moderate? The very fact you have to keep saying it makes people wonder. It also doesn't describe very well the kinds of political views you're trying to get away from, especially when many in your own party still hold them.

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