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Wednesday, June 01, 2005


But, prime minister, isn't he the "Iron Man?"

Yesterday Prime Minister Paul Martin said he defends the ethics of his people regarding the Grewal tapes but seriously questions those of Tory MP Gurmant Grewal.

I thus have a question for the prime minister: When did you change your mind about Grewal?

Previously, you were aware of the very discussions you now think are the basis for questioning his ethics.

Was it the very fact he taped those conversations which changed your mind about him?

In fantastically unrelated news, the man known as "Deep Throat" revealed his identity to the world yesterday. Some may remember the code name as being associated with someone who used secret tactics to take down a political opponent. He's now considered a hero. I wonder if Tim Murphy would call him the "Iron Man" too. Held out for decades. Certainly seems to qualify, according Mr. Murphy's standards.

Note: Tim Murphy, Paul Martin's chief of staff, affectionately referred to Grewal as the "Iron Man" during the taped conversations in question.

UPDATE (8:43am): One factor many seem to be ignoring in their assessment of the tapes is this: Grewal came forward with them. Why would he do that if he his intentions were contrary to what he says they were? Unless, of course, he's a complete idiot. But no one has accused him of that yet.

UPDATE (9:27am): OK, so some people have already started to say he's a complete idiot, or close to it. I can't vouch for the sources, since I'm not familiar with the writers or their politics. This blog touts itself "progressive", which I take as "left-wing." And I have to admit, I'm not familiar with Peter O'Neil of the Vancouver Sun.


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