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Monday, June 27, 2005


The CBC repeats Liberal talking point

Get a load of this passage I came across while reading a CBC article on the gay marriage bill:

Barely a month ago Harper was working hand-in-hand with the BQ to defeat the Liberal budget, in a move that would have brought down the government.

Hand-in-hand with the BQ? Notice the excerpt is not in quotation marks, so it was a CBC writer who decided to use the phrase, or it was taken directly from a CBC reporter who may have first made the report on TV or radio.

Who is writing the material the CBC uses in its reports? Is it Paul Martin's director of communications Scott Reid? Maybe it's Paul Martin himself. Whoever it is, isn't it wonderful to see our natural governing party working hand-in-hand with our state broadcaster to deliver news to the people of Canada?

Note: The article itself is about comments Harper made linking the passage of the gay marriage bill with separatism. It already seems to be invoking 'outrage' by 'critics'.

Question: if it's OK for the Liberals and the CBC to make this argument regarding the budget or matters of confidence, why isn't it OK for Harper and the Conservatives to make it regarding gay marriage?

I know the argument can be turned around on Harper and he can be questioned for using an argument he was defending himself against up until now. But the Liberals were never scolded for their use of the tactic against him. Looks like Harper will be. So much for 'fair and balanced' coverage in this country.


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