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Sunday, June 12, 2005


Hate and the left-wing

Extreme leftist professor calls others extremists. Sweet.

And in other news, Charles Manson complains America has become a violent society.

Is this what really passes of as the intelligentsia of society? Hateful left-wing professors spewing venom at political opponents and people of religion?

Nazis? Goebbels? Moral retards?

Ah yes. The professor is such the intellectual giant. What's next? They all got cooties?

Unfortunately, I have observed way too much of this from the left to dismiss it as an anomaly. They keep telling us about what they see as hate from the right, while doing more to expose the overwhelming evidence that much of the actual hate comes from the left or the far left.

Just get Howard Dean, Democratic Party Chairman, to say anything about Republicans. Case closed.

UPDATE (8:22 pm): Since we're on the topic of Howard Dean, my advice to the Republican Party is this: make Howard Dean the face of the Democrats. Don't get too defensive, because it makes Dean look like he has a point. Every time you battle it out with the Democrats, just remind everyone who speaks for the party and what he thinks of his political opponents.

I think the Democrats are making a big mistake rallying behind this guy. He makes Newt Gingrich look like Gandhi. He may well damage the image of the party for years to come.


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