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Thursday, July 07, 2005


Is Jack Layton blaming us for the terrorists?

Is Jack Layton blaming us for the terrorists?

Judge for yourself.

This is a passage from a statement he issued today in the wake of the terrorist attacks in London:
We will not allow it to undermine Canadian society, our institutions or our beliefs in democracy, human rights, tolerance, and equality.

Indeed, we must go forward today with greater determination to build a world that embraces these ideals.

As evidence of that resolve, I urge the leaders gathered in Gleneagles to press on with their stated agenda to address global climate change and to meeting our commitments to fight global poverty.

To show resolve in fighting terrorism, we need to address climate change and fight global poverty? Is this Layton's perception of the nature of world terrorism? Aid to Africa? Implementing Kyoto?

Is he serious?

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