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Sunday, July 10, 2005



I'm trying to start an internet catfight between the Shotgun and Adam Radwanski.

In the one corner is Mr. Radwanski, who is trying to poo-poo a study recently released by the Fraser Institute. The study suggests Liberal party involvement in Adscam is much greater than even Justice Gomery is willing to admit.

In the other corner is Stephen Taylor and the Shotgun, who address Radwanski's criticism specifically, but perhaps not intentionally. So I thought I'd try to hook the two of them up. Ain't that special of me?

Basically, the question at hand is this: is something like the RCMP buying of seats on a Liberal campaign plane an example of inappropriate exchange of funds between our national police force and the Liberal Party of Canada? Or is it simply no big deal since the money gets paid back anyway? The RCMP comes along for the ride in order to provide security for the prime minister.

I report. You decide.


PS. Anyone can join in. I have linked to the two sites above. Both allow comments. I don't at the moment. I'm sure there are plenty of people on both sides who have their share of opinions on the Fraser Institute. Happy clawing.

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