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Friday, March 10, 2006


Who's the hypocrite now, Pat Martin?

Does NDP MP Pat Martin have a quick tongue regarding political integrity?
I saw a news clip on TV yesterday where NDP MP Pat Martin called Prime Minister Stephen Harper a hypocrite over the Wet Noodle's investigation into the Emerson floor-crossing.

Well, lo and behold, Mr. Pat Martin is part of the NDP attempt to include Belinda Stronach in the investigation over her floor-crossing last spring.

Question to Mr. Pat Martin: Why did you not ask for an investigation into Ms. Stronach 10 months ago? Why are you only asking for one now that the situation could possibly mean an extra seat for the NDP if a by-election were to be held in Emerson's riding?

Who's the hypocrite now, Mr. Martin? Eh?

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