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Sunday, April 30, 2006


Raining on Kinsella's parade

Kinsella's company Daisy is named after an infamous political attack ad.
So this is what our esteemed lefty blogger has been going on about lately. Very impressive, Mr. Kinsella.

However, being the right-wing "menace" my blog title at least suggests that I am, I can't help but throw one little egg in passing.

That is, for a company that has ethics as the fourth point on its mission statement, I find it perhaps somewhat ironic that it's named after a commercial the ethical premise behind which appears to be this: smear thy opponent as a warmonger who wants to kill the children of the planet.

You can see the ad at Daisy's website, or just click here.

Just trying to do my job as a "cyber menace". That's all.

Good luck, guys.

UPDATE (4:04 pm): I think "Barney" would have been a more appropriate name for the company, if you ask me.

Or perhaps "Nuclear Fallout"


Not mentioned once. Johnson's opponent, his party, his policies, his statements were not mentioned once. That's a "smear"?


Yeah, implying a vote for the other guy will mean nuclear war is about the nastiest smear you can imagine. I agree, it fits Kinsella's M.O., Barney's would have been a better name.


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