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Sunday, May 28, 2006


Harper and the media

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I was in the middle of writing a reply to Cherniak's diatribe on Harper and the media when I decided it was too good to simply post over there. So, I made it into a blog post of my own. It also happens to deal with criticisms people have of Harper with respect to the media in general. Enjoy.

Oh boy, where do I begin?

a) Typical leftist comparisons to Bush. For those of you too ignorant or lazy to look it up, US presidents rarely hold their own press conferences. They don't answer questions in the legislature. And a scrum is a rugby term for them, since they never have to involve themselves in one with the media. Their press secretaries have daily briefings. It's a completely different setup. Get educated, you lefties.

b) It's understandable that conservative political leaders don't trust the press on ideological grounds. The media yell and scream over gay marriage, champion Belinda while hounding Emerson, and receive Pulitzers for undermining national security. You may agree with liberals on these matters, but that would make you a liberal, which is why Harper and Bush are nervous around you to begin with. Simple enough to understand.

c) Harper has every right to choose how he wants to hold his own press conferences. The media doesn't have a right to dictate this to him. Where do some of you have the gall to make up press rights as you go along?

d) Absolutely no one is preventing the media from engaging in investigative journalism. In fact, this recent spat gives the press an opportunity to finally engage in it, instead of simply waiting for "gotcha" moments during these media appearances.

e) "Journalists can get even with the government in other ways." Ah, so that's it, eh? It's all about getting "even" with Harper. What an amazing piece of enlightenment from someone who claims to be making an enlightened defence of the media.


An interesting and revealing comment on the press "Getting even" with Harper...


c) True, but we have a different press tradition than the US, going back decades. Trudeau obviously had fun bandying with the press. Since many say Harper is brilliant, he should have no problem speaking in soundbites they can't edit and, like Trudeau, parrying with them. Makes for more excitement and more honest moments than the dull as dishwater method in the US.

d) Couldn't agree more!


Talk, talk, talk, for your answer to c), see my original a). I find all comparisons of Harper to Bush desperate, especially as it realates to Harper's availability to answer questions. But thanks for your comment.


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