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Tuesday, May 23, 2006


The Iran "badges" story, continued.....

Amir Taheri has come out defending the column (hat tip: Small Dead Animals) that sent shock waves throughout much of the world. In that column, Taheri accused Iran of adopting a law that would force people to wear clothing to identify them according to their religion. This evoked images of Nazis forcing Jews to wear badges during Hitler's reign of terror. Taheri still stands behind the column, despite numerous accusations that he himself is engaging in a Nazi-like propaganda war against Iran.

I think this is what it boils down to. Taheri's position is that the law could result in people wearing segregating clothes. The Iranians will ensure that nothing so blatant occurs with this new law. The left will keep accusing Taheri of trying to incite a war for Bush, and he'll keep sticking to the letter of his column. Probably end of story, unless the Iranians are stupider than I think they are and actually go ahead to enact the law in the way Taheri suggests might happen. My guess is that's unlikely. Then again, I'm don't want to be as quick as others have been to defend this Iranian regime. So, you never know.

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