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Friday, May 12, 2006


Kinsella's continuing hypocrisy on the Iraq war

It's nice that Warren Kinsella is coming clean on the hypocrisy of calling Bush a terrorist, while scolding others for comparing Bush with Hitler. But why not go all the way? Why not acknowledge that if you're going to criticize the Iraq war for being "illegal", you should also criticize the Kosovo war for being "illegal" too? Otherwise, the message being sent is that some wars are OK because political friends like Jean Chretien and Bill Clinton wage them, while others aren't OK because you simply hate Bush? And isn't that exactly the kind of message Mr. Kinsella says he wants to avoid sending? Doesn't he want to avoid being a political hypocrite?

UPDATE (3:59 pm): I wasn't going to post this, but the more I think about it, the more I'm having a hard time accepting it as having actually come from someone like Mr. Kinsella.

Specifically, I emailed Kinsella about this blog post. He replied that I "know full well" that Kosovo received "express" approval from the UN Security Council. Shocked at this version of history, I found a source confirming my original assumption that both Russia and China failed to endorse the Kosovo mission, which means it never got UN Security Council approval. I sent this source to Mr. Kinsella. I have yet to hear back from him.

Could someone as close to the Chretien administration as Warren Kinsella actually believe the UN approved the Kosovo war? Or am I on the receiving end of some kind of prank? My goodness.

Good heavens! I had no idea Mr. Kinsella was so ignorant of recent history.


This is an email a reader sent to me. She seems to agree with me: some people's quest for the truth only goes so far.


I am shocked -- shocked! to hear that Kinsella would assert a patent untruth, while questioning your intelligence at the same time.

The US didn't even try for a vote at the UN Security Council, because they knew Russia would never approve an attack on Serbia.

See this BBC link, which notes that the 1999 bombing happened without UNSC approval:

After the bombing was over, the UN did authorize a "peacekeeping" force.


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