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Monday, May 01, 2006


What do people really think causes global warming?

I wonder how most people would respond to a multiple choice question like this:

- The specific cause of global warming is:

a) Hot air being released into the atmosphere by machines that burn things.

b) The release of an invisible compound into the air by machines, which creates an invisible layer in the atmosphere, which absorbs certain invisible rays from the sun.

c) Natural swings in the planet's climate that occur over many years.

d) All of the above.

There are two reasons I ask.

First, I'm wondering if it's ever been asked. That is, do people really know what specifically is supposed to cause global warming, at least as it is explained by the so-called experts?

My guess is that more people than is generally assumed would give either a) or d) as their answer to the multiple choice question. And d) is patently false, according to these same experts, because they don't accept any combined effect whatsoever in explaining global warming, climate change, or whatever else they want to call it next.

I also suspect that c) might be a more popular answer than is generally acknowledged, especially if placed right under b), which asks us to believe a lot, if you ask me.

Second, I don't think most people have actually sat down and thought about what it is that the global warming people are asking us to believe vis-à-vis how the climate of this planet is actually changing. As b) might shed some light on, the explanations from the "scientific community" aren't nearly as friendly to common sense as many of them would have us believe.

That's why I would love it if polling companies out there would use the above multiple-choice question when they do a survey on the topic. Let's see what people really think causes global warming.

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